Professional Safety Belt Rock Climbing Harness Aerial Survival Equipment

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High-strength climbing harnesses provide a comfortable and safe means of attachment for climbers and protects the waist from injury by spreading the impact onto the waist and legs. 
  • Safety Belt Rock Climbing Harness includes a waistband, a leg loop, and an additional attachment system in front of the belt, with a waistband being the primary force-bearing portion.
  • Seat loops of the seat belts can be adjusted to the appropriate size, comfortably attached to the hip bones, and the impact of the climber's fall is spread throughout the pelvis, making it a comfortable seat while descending. 
  • Type: Harnesses
  • Material: Polyester Reinforcing Wires
  • Waist size ring: 50cm-124cm
  • Leg ring size: 40cm-75cm
  • Color: Orange, Blue, Black, Red, Gray
  • Weight: 480g