Fruit Infuser Water Bottle With Freezer Gel Ball

Primary Colour
  • FDA Approved Hydrogel freezer ball attachment to keep your drink cold a few extra hours. Cold water is something everyone can appreciate!
  • Completely reworked bottle body that now has dual larger hand grips, a sleek single push button flip top lid, and stronger carrying loop
  • BPA-Free Tritan plastic on all components!  Many other bottles use cheap plastic on components like the infuser rod and lid. Not us! 100% Tritan Infusers, Ball, Lid & Body
  • Auto Align Lid that takes the guesswork out of it. The lid will center every time aligning itself so the clear flip top is away from your mouth while drinking. No joke you will love it!
  • Gym bag safe lids that feature a small metal latching loop above the push button. This feature still allows for single-handed operation while assuring the bottle never accidentally comes open in a backpack or gym bag