Multifunction Fishing Pliers

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Pliers Bag Blue
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Pliers Bag Rod Blue
Pliers Black
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  • Unique anti-slip type fish line cutter
  • Trimming is not easy to slide up and down
  • More convenient for retreat fishing hooks
  • Designed with oxford cloth sheath and a coiled lanyard. Worn on your waist belt so you don't have to worry about losing it.


Type: Fishing Pliers

Material: 3CR13 steel and ABS plastic

Size: 17cm/88g

Model: Fishing Pliers PE12 with Titanium Straight Mouth

Length: 170mm/0.56ft

Thickness: 55mm/0.18ft

Net Weight: Approx.88g

Gross Weight: Approx.116g

Function: Tied hook line, Cut PE line and lead, Retreat fish hooks, Hard objects cut(0.3-2mm hard galvanized iron wire)

Colors: Black and Blue

Style: 3 Styles.Fishing plier. Fishing plier+Nylon bag.  Fishing plier+Nylon bag+Retention rop

With: 1pc Retention Rope,1pc Pliers Bag


The entire clamp head design is limited to fine workmanship, must not be used as a strong control of forceps, but can not cut steel wire, wire and other roughaluminum alloy limited hardness(lower than steel).

Please pay attention to the use of force, must not exceed the endurance of the pliers, otherwise it will damage the tool deformation.

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