Acupuncture Insoles - 1 Pair

  • Material: Fiber + Medical Silicone Gel, Made of high-quality material, durable, non-toxic. soft and comfortable, breathable.
  • These slimming magnets emit magnetic waves weaken fat cells in your body. Lose weight by walking while receiving a foot massage with magnetic Acupuncture Technology with magnetic insoles.
  • You can change the size by cutting according to the available curl line if necessary. Easy cut to fit your foot.
  • This magnetic massage insole is uniquely designed to relax your muscles and is very effective in the treatment of chronic lumbar sprains. At the same time, it can improve blood circulation, eliminate foot odor, foot heat, and reduce nerve pain and pressure. Reduce the pain of low back pain, rheumatism, and strengthen the meridians and meridians.
  • Balance energy in your body to reduce stress, increase energy, balance mind & body, and increase fitness. Relieve overall body pain, tension, cool & soothe feet and boost endurance with Acupuncture Technology.
  • Application: Foot
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: Silicone
  • Features: Shock-Absorbant, Light Weight, Sweat-Absorbant, Breathable, Deodorization
  • Weight Loss: Acupuncture Treatment