A Spotlight on Omega 3: Three Incredible Benefits for Athletes

December 12, 2019

A Spotlight on Omega 3: Three Incredible Benefits for Athletes

As an athlete, you ask a lot of your body. You tell it to get up before sunrise, to hit the gym after a long day at work, and to give you just one more set, please and thank you. However, for all that you demand of your body, what are you giving back to it in return? Your body is under a lot of stress during exercise, and it’s essential to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help keep it healthy and free from injury. That’s where Omega 3 fish oils step in. This unassuming supplement has been proven to be highly beneficial for serious athletes, enabling you to not only give it all during your next workout session, but also help maximize your gains and even heal faster, too.

Push Yourself Harder

For those of you who partake in endurance sports – whether you’re a runner, a triathlete, or you do something else entirely – Omega 3 fatty acids may be exactly what you need to help you push yourself a little bit harder during your workouts. Studies have shown that this supplement can help you sustain your endurance and can even lower your peak heart rate, allowing you to do more during your workout.

Reduce Your Inflammation

It’s no secret that regular workouts can lead to inflammation; muscle aches and joint pain are all common complaints amongst athletes. If you’re struggling with excessive DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after you hit the gym, then you may need to add Omega 3’s to your rotation. Studies have shown that this supplement is fantastic at reducing inflammation, helping you to heal faster and get back out there sooner.

Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Whether you’re working out to achieve a fitness goal, or you’re in it to shed a few unwanted pounds, you can’t overlook the benefits of adding Omega 3’s to your life. Research has demonstrated that this supplement improves insulin sensitivity, helping you burn fat and maintain a slim and lean physique. As an added bonus, by including Omega 3 fatty acids into your diet, you can also dramatically boost your muscle synthesis, too. The end result? A sleek and strong body that will make you feel genuinely proud of your accomplishments!

We here at Divergent Sports understand how important it is to you to maintain your health while practicing your sport. We rely heavily upon our core values (including hard work, focus, and discipline) and the aid of natural and high-quality supplements to help you achieve optimal physical fitness, no matter what your preferred exercise is. To learn more about our selection of amazing nutritional supplements, or to reach out to us with any questions about the products we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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